Lucy Schofield

About me:

I'm fascinated by people and places and how place come about.

Why I was interested in this project:

It's fascinating to learn more about your surroundings - to be involved in such an exciting project!

Significant Buildings Researched:

  1. 1. The Hayfield Tavern [view]

    The former Hayfield Tavern now Hayfield Masala is a representation of the changing cultures and tastes in the area. It is no longer a traditional London pub; the restaurant décor and food is indian (including a Chaat kiosk and sweetshop), there are Bollywood films playing, and alcohol is not allowed on the premises.

  2. 2. 166 Mile End Road [view]

    Since this building hasn't any outstanding architectural features that set it apart from its neighbourhood, it has been interesting attempting to locate it in its social and historical context and trying to imagine a probable sequence of families who lived there.

  3. 3. 168 Mile End Road [view]

    The Black Horse has a lot of character and I am looking forward to visiting and exploring the interior when it reopens this summer.

  4. 4. The Kings Arms [view]

    The site of the Kings Arms has an unexpectedly interesting history as the location of an ancient Coaching Inn and homeless shelter on a previously significant route to the Thames. Opposite the station and on a prominent corner this restaurant could be in one of the best spots for a pub on the High Street.