Kimberley Chen

About me:

I am passionate about writing, books, cultural topics and food.

Why I was interested in this project:

I am pleased to be working on the People's Panorama project as I wanted to gain more experience as a researcher and a deeper understanding of the architectural landscape of East London.

Significant Buildings Researched:

  1. 1. Mathematical Sciences [view]

    Researching the Mathematical Sciences Building was a great experience. I believe that the design of the Mathematical Sciences Building is visually striking as the strong geometrical shapes in the modern panelling wonderfully contrasts with the older 1967 tower by Playne and Lacey.

  2. 2. The New People's Palace [view]

  3. 3. The Queen's Building [view]

    Kimberley: In my opinion, the Octagon Library, inside the Queens’ Building, is a truly spectacular and impressive aspect of Queen Mary University of London with its busts of literary greats and a gorgeously ornate domed ceiling.                 

    Richard: I had been familiar with this key building but never realised that its origin was as the People’s Palace.  My volunteer colleague Kimberly has done some very thorough work on this topic.

  4. 4. St Benet's Chapel [view]

    I enjoyed discovering St Benet’s Chapel and the G.O. Jones Building. The technique Adam Kossowski used to create the murals is visually arresting.

  5. 5. 329 Mile End Road [view]

    The remaining part of the burial ground in the Queen Mary University is worth seeing. The land can be viewed from the new bridge that constitutes a link between the university faculties over the burial. Or it can be entered the land by a stair provided from bridge. The design of the bridge does not spoil the view. It is minimal in design, using flat rusty iron railings.