Natalie Chen

About me:

I work as a freelance graphic designer and love all things creative!

Why I was interested in this project:

I am excited to be involved with this project because I am eager to learn and explore more about places of cultural and historical interest, design and architecture. It is great to contribute to a valuable heritage resource for everyone to share.

Significant Buildings Researched:

  1. 1. Wickhams [view]

  2. 2. Former Spiegelhalter brothers jeweller. [view]

    I found it amazing to see how such a tiny shop made such a big impact on the architecture of the Wickhams Department store. 

  3. 3. Wickhams [view]

  4. 4. 91 Mile End Road [view]

    This building with its understated classicism has a modest presence sandwiched between the overblown pomp of the former Wickhams department store and the modernist self-confidence of the Genesis cinema; it will be interesting see how its renovation and extension will change its relationship with these two buildings. I recieved a great deal of help from Adele Tamar of HSBC's archives who set out the hisotry of the various bnks which had occupied the site since 1888, even before the current building.

  5. 5. Genesis Cinema [view]

    I found it fascinating to compare the old photographs when it was a theatre and the old cinema to the present day building. 

  6. 6. 99 Mile End Road [view]

  7. 7. 107 Mile End Road [view]

    It stands out beautifully from the busy and ecclectic high street, an oasis in the urban jungle

  8. 8. Queen Anne Town House, 1717. [view]

    I think it is a beautiful building and I particularly liked the detailing on the hood and carved brackets. 

  9. 9. Queen Anne Town House, 1717. [view]

    It stands out beautifully from the busy and ecclectic high street, an oasis in the urban jungle.

  10. 10. 113 Mile End Road [view]

  11. 11. Anchor Retail [view]

    The yellow bricks and the stone column makes this building stand out.