Tierney Lovell

About me:

I'm a 25-year old almost-qualified architect, a Londoner born and bred, and am currently working on public space projects across London.

Why I was interested in this project:

I'm really interested in the history of the East End and have family history in the area. I also love researching and really want to get involved in the area at such an important point in it's hisotry!

Significant Buildings Researched:

  1. 1. 121 Bow Road [view]

  2. 2. 123 Bow Road [view]

  3. 3. 145-149 Bow Road [view]

  4. 4. Bow House [view]

    At first glance Bow House looks sad, unloved and uninteresting, but after noticing the detail of craftsmanship and understanding the ambitions of the building I think it’s a really inspiring piece of architecture!

  5. 5. 161a Bow Road [view]

    Looking at the NISA local shop at ground level, it’s easy to miss the stonework on the second floor - but the beautiful beehive represents a really significant piece of our social history.

  6. 6. 199 Bow Road [view]

  7. 7. 207-211 Bow Road [view]

    The site seems quiet and derelict, but the old nightclub murals reveal a loud, buzzing history.