Niamh Linnane

About me:

I'm an artist living in East London

Why I was interested in this project:

I wanted to get involved because this is an exciting way to learn about this area which has an interesting history and is currently changing rapidly.

Significant Buildings Researched:

  1. 1. Black Lion House [view]

    This building is fascinating because of the rich history of the site. I love that there was once a street here.

  2. 2. 103 Whitechapel Road [view]

  3. 3. The Royal London Hospital [view]

    This building is so overwhelming due to its vast size. The arches and the bay at the front entrance are beautiful and the steps leading to the entrance gives a sense of the importance of this building. I also like how it has adapted to the changing community (kitchens for kosher food and mosque).

  4. 4. 161 Bow Road [view]

    I like this building a lot because aesthetically this building is very detailed. Once I found out about the history of this building it became even more interesting. 

  5. 5. 163 Bow Road [view]

  6. 6. 165 Bow Road [view]

    This building does not appear special considering it has two more obviously interesting buildings on either side (Stratford Co-op and Kings Arm Pub) but then I found out gramophone needles used to be made here in the 1950’s. It also looks peculiar as it is only a single storey and the surrounding buildings are all two or three storeys.  

  7. 7. The Kings Arms [view]

    This building was used as a pub since the 1850s to 2009. When I visited building work was being carried out. The exterior reminds me of a building I would image seeing in a village which makes me think of Bow when it was a village. I like the building because in a way to it takes you to a different era. 

  8. 8. 181 Bow Road [view]

    I like the pitched roof and symmetry of the building. Its also very interesting to read about the different uses through time. 

  9. 9. 185-187 Bow Road [view]

    It is a little bit ugly in comparison to the surrounding buildings and for that reason it stands out.

  10. 10. 201-205 Bow Road [view]