Elizabeth Pillar

About me:

I am a former civil servant and ESOL teacher, inveterate language learner, interested in cultural and social histories.

Why I was interested in this project:

I was a volunteer for a project in Hackney on locally listed buildings, this seemed a natural development.

Significant Buildings Researched:

  1. 1. Mile End Station [view]

    I was particularly impressed by the station below ground at platform level, both for its crisp tiled decoration (refurbished in the 1980s) and in the way it resembles the New York subway with its columns and false ceiling – but it's less scary! In big cities like London, railway stations are always important as centres for moving large numbers of people around; an underground system allows this to be done in a way which must have seemed very innovative when first developed. That a station should be both functional and elegant like this building is a bonus.

  2. 2. The Half Moon [view]

    I went to this pub for a snack and a (soft) drink when I began this project and it seemed a very curious place, it was only after I had research its architectural hisotry that I began to understand why it looked the way it does.

  3. 3. Albert Stern [view]

    A visually striking building with a rich history lying behind it, linking the area with its Jewish heritage.