Caoimhe Loftus

About me:

I’m an Irish architecture graduate, and I work for an architecture firm who are currently developing artist studios and other exciting project.

Why I was interested in this project:

 I got involved in this project because I think it’ll be a wonderful record to have of the city and a great way for people to learn more about the architecture around them.

Significant Buildings Researched:

  1. 1. 90 Mile End Road [view]

  2. 2. 100 Mile End Road [view]

  3. 3. 102 Mile End Road [view]

    This building help us imagine what this stretch of road must have once looked like- a well preserved example of what was once a grand domestic dwelling.

  4. 4. 110 (No. 18 Assembly) Mile End Road [view]

    This building shows how subtle variation can facilitate variety and maximum efficiency of land use, there is plenty here that could be applied to modern design.

  5. 5. 112 Mile End Road [view]