Barry Blinko

About me:

I'm a recently retired librarian, and worked at the University of Westminster.

Why I was interested in this project:

My work as a librarian in a library dealing with architecture and constrcution led to an interest in buildings. Combined with an interest in London historic areas matched perfectly with the project.

Significant Buildings Researched:

  1. 1. Bow Church Station [view]

    A real sense of how minimal the design is with a feeling of openness without the usual tube security barriers, transport staff.

  2. 2. Jarrett House [view]

    Six pubs, a music hall and a cinema all in a short distance and only on one side of the road!  It shows that it must have been a lively area.

  3. 3. The Bow Bells Pub [view]

    I was quite impressed that the building has stood as a pub for so long.  Unfortunately I was not able to test out the rumour of  a ghost in the ladies' toilet. 

  4. 4. Bromley Public Hall [view]

    the building's architecture in a classical style to possibly emphasis its importance is in contrast to the more modern 1938 style of Poplar Town Hall.

  5. 5. 116 Bow Road [view]

    I could imagine how at the time the three storey building could be imposing as a police station.