Abul Bashir

About me:

I'm a former architectural student who has lived in Tower Hamlets for 21 years. I stil lenjoy what I have learnt in school and take the opportunity to be creative be it crafts, model making or planning. I migrated to the UK at age 1, and am part of the Bangladeshi community.

Why I was interested in this project:

I wanted to learnt about the built environment that has played a significant role to my parents generation and continues to be part of Bangladeshi community heritage in this part of London, where the population is I believe 34% in Tower Hamlets out of over 200,000 people. Further to become more 'intermet' with the hisotry and architecture of High Street 2012 by research on the history before the Bangladeshi community and the changes that took place and the changes we are seeing now.

Significant Buildings Researched:

  1. 1. 28-30 Whitechapel Road [view]

  2. 2. The Bell Foundry [view]

  3. 3. 38-44 Whitechapel Road [view]

  4. 4. East London Mosque [view]