Zahra Rajaei

About me:

I have studied urban design and architecture and I am interested in hands on projects. I have experienced working in London at Dezeen and I am involved organizing the Urban Change in Iran conference at UCL.

Why I was interested in this project:

As an urban designer I am interested in the city I live in and how it has changed through time, being part of the Peoples Panorama Project has helped me become familiar with east London and all its mysteries. I believe we can learn from the past to create a better environment for the future! 

Significant Buildings Researched:

  1. 1. 88 Whitechapel High Street [view]

    I walked past this piece of art on my first visit to the High Street without noticing it! After reading about it on the internet I went back to check it out! I think it’s a great piece and says so much about its neighborhood, it should be marked out and grab every passerby’s attention! It is very unfortunate that all the other signs don’t exist anymore, this one is well worth saving and treasuring!  

  2. 2. 85 Whitechapel High Street [view]

  3. 3. Whitechapel Art Gallery [view]

    I am a regular visitor to the gallery, I have known it since I first moved to London in 2009 and really enjoy spending my time there and strolling through the exhibitions held at the gallery! 

  4. 4. Whitechapel Library [view]

    The library building is one of the most eye-catching along the road. The most interesting aspect for me is the tube entrance; the entrance to Aldgate East Station is part of the library’s façade! This makes these two buildings become part of the daily life of the people living in east London, bringing them art and enriching their lives. 

  5. 5. 76 Whitechapel High Street [view]

    The shop front looks horrible and is of no interest! The upper levels have a beautiful brick façade with thick white window bays stretching over it, which represent the London building style for most visitors to the city. It is very unfortunate to see the galleries neighboring building in this situation! 

  6. 6. 75 Whitechapel High Street [view]

    Walking along the High Street I noticed two brick buildings (75 and 76) neighboring the Library, which is now part of the Whitechapel Art Gallery. I was very disappointed to see them as they are, I think these two buildings have a lot of potential and are forgotten at the moment! No one notices them unless they would want to walk into the shops on the ground floor, which are not pleasant! I hope these two great buildings would look as good as the Gallery! They have a great location and beautiful style!