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28 Mile End Road

Trinity Green Alms Houses

Significant Building

  • Completed: 1695
  • Grade I Listed [124107]
  • Built by: John Evelyn under the supervision of Sir Christopher Wren
  • Historic period: Tudor/Stuart: 1500-1713
  • This is a significant building
  • Current Use: Residential

The Almshouses and Chapel area  beautiful grouping of buildings in an unlikely setting, and are the only Grade I listed building along High Street 2012. They were originally built to shelter ‘decayed masters and commanders of ships and their widows’. The shipping connection is still evident in the model boats at the entrance. These are fibreglass replicas of the originals, which are housed in the Museum of London.

For more information you might wish to visit http://spitalfieldslife.com/2011/04/20/a-renovation-at-trinity-green/ where you will find some fabulous photos and information on the Almshouses.