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337 Whitechapel Road


Significant Building

  • Completed: 1894
  • Built by: Robert Spence
  • Historic period: Late Victorian: 1876-1900
  • This is a significant building
  • Current Use: Restaurant

The building is rich with history and folklore and has always been a social hub of the local community. This building is named after one of the oldest stories in the area, the myth of ‘The Blind Beggar’, allegedly the fallen Henry de Montfort who was made blind in the Second Barons War in the 13th Century, and reportedly begged in Bethnal Green. An image of the Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green in within the Bethnal Green Coat of Arms. The pub is also famous at the location from where William Booth led his first sermons before setting up the Salvation Army, and was also the location where Ronnie Kray shot George Cornell.