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133-306 Mile End Road


Significant Building

  • Built by: Greater London Council, Architect
  • Historic period: 1980-1999
  • This is a significant building
  • Current Use: Residential

Where this building now sits was the site of No’s 256, 258 and 260 Mile End Road. There was a gap between houses 254 and 258. This was the entrance way into No. 256 Mile End Road (a larger property to the rear of the terrace) before the current development was built. In late Victorian times the factory housed George Spill & Co. run by two brothers – George and Daniel Spill. They were manufacturers of India rubber and oiled waterproof clothing. Daniel Spill invented Xylonite, a successor to the first man made plastic, Parkesine. He was an associate of Alexander Parkes who invented plastic. Much of today’s modern plastics owe its success to these men.