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100 Whitechapel Road


Significant Building

  • Historic period: 1980-1999
  • This is a significant building
  • Current Use: Garage

The current Citroen Garage was once the location of the Rivoli Cinema built in 1921, it was destroyed during the Blitz in 1940.

Previously the site was the 'Wonderland', built in 1880. Wonderland was a multi-purpose entertainment venue. Yiddish plays were performed, it had a museum, an exhibition space and was also used as a boxing arena. In 1909 it was equipped for cinema use and held a Cinematography Licence, showing films until at least 1915. It was destroyed by a fire in 1917.

In 1834 on this site was a saloon called the Earle of Effingham. The saloon received the complaint from a soldier: "This is a very bad house; it is kept open all night and shut in the day". It was converted from September 1861 into a 2,150 capacity theatre known as the Effingham Theatre until 1867, when it was rebuilt as the New East London Theatre. Later known as the East London Theatre the Jewish Theatre, it burnt down on 16th March 1879.